Civilization - Filicudi Island
Here is an animation I made to show the impact of what "they" call civilization on Filicudi Island.
Filicudi Island animation they call it civilization

This is Filicudi Porto on the right, Capo Graziano is visible on the left. In the background there is Mount Fossa delle Felci. On the left side... under those recent buildings... lay a Bronze Age\neolithic village (well.. what remains of it, covered by dust and cement...
This picture has been taken from another bronze age village, on top of Mount Capo Graziano.
Have a look at the same place in Filicudi in Stereoscopic format.

Make sure you visit the section about Filicudi on the Lipari Museum WebSite.
Please note the yellow area in the picture and what has grown recently over it!

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