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Where is downloadable this super wad file for DOOM ][ ???
Some Infos About my Wad !
Play Information
And now some statistics !
Images from my recent trip in my wad !

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CyberDaemon !Don't forget to download and play my RoZinga2 WAD !
Hey... non dimenticare di prelevare il mio super RoZinga2.Wad !
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RoZinga2.wad for DOOM (Dos DoomII, ZDoom, Windoom, Gldoom... linux Doom...)


Some Infos About my Wad !

Title : Rozinga's Nightmare For Doom II Ver 1.666
Filename : Rozinga2.WAD (Rozinga2.ZIP)
Main Author Roberto Zingales
Music Authors Enrico Sapienza (slighty edited by Roz)
Beta-testers Marco Carpinelli (single user), Roz amp; Henry in death match amp; cooperative !
Email Address, Roberto Zingales (2:335/503.0) at good old FidoNet 8-)), (my preferred BBS is Catania Uno BBS, the first FidoBBS in my town!)
Misc. Author Info 3 guys with patience and obsession. Many testing DAYS in single user play.
And many nights is death match !!!Yeah, it was *testing* ...that's what it was!
Play Information

Episode and Level # MAP01
Single Player YES
Cooperative 2-4 Player YES
Deathmatch 2-4 Player YES !!!
Difficulty Settings Yes - every difficulty level is very different
New Sounds Yes, some Sicilian Slang... !
New Graphics Oh Yeah !
New Music Yes man ! From Henry the Sodomizer (Enrico Sapienza)
Demos Replaced No (perhaps you'll find in the Zip file but not inside the WAD)

This is Roz seen by Enrico Sapienza !
Map 1 Description Rozinga's Nightmare !!

This is my "first" wad level, completely *revamped* level first released as Rozinga('s Nightmare) for DOOM I.
This level is very complete, sophisticated and bloody !
It's not a level for beginners !
If you want some peace use -nomonsters !
You can finish it without Cheating !
You'll find lots of monsters,gates,acid baths, hidden teleporters, and grey-megaspheres, armours, tons of weapons.
There are FEW traps ( I said few, not NONE!), while the whole level is CLEAR : you always know who or what is killing you !
There are millions of death match starts !
You can find the BFG9000 in the last room, so you'll be able, if you're interested in, to go back to first room and toast every form of life 8-) !!!

Additional Credits WinDEU,RMB programmers !


Base Originally a new DOOM I level from scratch, then rebuild with new DOOM II textures, monsters and features.
If yu have got the first version of this wad my opinion is to overwrite it with this new wad! This one is another world ! It's bigger, bloodier, faster, heavier and so on !
Known Bugs amp; Limitations
None that we caused (we hope).


Appearance amp; Design
A lot of effort was put into making things look good. After your killing spree is over, take the time to look around. Several levels have some vantage points with grand vistas (or at least as grand as the DOOM engine would allow).
If you want to see how fast you can get done, fine.
Then go back with the -nomonsters switch and just look.
Not everything has a purpose. Some things are just there for artistic or architectural interest.
We think that is one of the things that made the original DOOM levels so good.
Secret Areas You should not have to get into all secret areas to complete a level. Keys or switches to open main path doors or areas should not be located in secret areas.
Secret doors are usually (but not always8-) surrounded by two light sources, and the same is for teleporters.will not show up on the map.
Sometimes you'll get a computer map, and that will usually show the areas.
But we'll hide that map in a secret area, so you'll still have to use the little gray cells.
Monsters Levels were all built for Ultraviolence (skill 4).
Monsters vary very much depending on skill selection.
But I suggest to start from Too Young To Die (skill 1) "easier" levels has more health and ammo, and guns are more and more readily available.
Don't be in hurry, take your time to think and follow a strategy, let monsters kill each other , and use your little grey cell !!! 8-)
Copyright / Permissions
and WEB distribution!
Authors may use this level as a base to build additional
levels. I don't like too much this, 'cause I think Fantasy is a great thing, but I do know some of you will cutamp;paste parts of this wad anyway, so... remember : I'll steal yours if you'll steal mine...
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file (in txt or html form), with no modifications (see note #1). You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, WEB sites or FTP sites, etc) as long as you include this file intact (how about two free copies of the CD's. Huh? Huh?)
Please use the name Rozinga2.* for the archive containing this wad and it's correlated files ! 

Note #1 : you are allowed to distribute, the main file AND (if you want) this HTML page.
So, you MAY copy this html page related to my wad file, and use (include) it in your web sites. You may even modify a little this html file (you may remove the "TRIPOD thanx section", and correct brocken links, add images and text ), provided you don't strip out any of the actual information about the WAD, and don't change the described characteristic of the wad.

And now some statistics !

Enemies Skill Level
1 amp; 2
Skill Level
Skill Level
4 amp; 5
Weapons amp; Ammo
Skill Level
1 amp; 2
Skill Level
Skill Level
4 amp; 5
Soldier 140 140 140 Shotgun 9 9 9
Sergeant 27 32 32 DB Shotgun 2 3 4
Imp 21 23 23 Chaingun 2 2 2
Demon 4 4 4 Rocket Launcher 7 7 7
Spectre 12 25 26 Plasma gun 7 8 8
Baron of Hell 71 132 132 BFG-9000 1 1 1
Lost Soul 12 18 18 Chain saw 0 0 0
Cacodemon 15 25 25 Clip 0 0 0
Cyber-demon 4 5 5 Box of Bullets 4 5 5
Spider-demon 2 3 3 Shells 1 1 1
Commando 14 17 17 Box of Shells 4 9 9
Hell Knight 2 8 8 Rocket 4 5 5
Arachnotron 5 8 8 Box of Rockets 73 88 88
Pain Elemental 3 3 4 Cells 31 31 31
Revenant 3 17 18 Cell Pack 79 80 81
Mancubus 9 20 21 Player Start Positions
Arch-Vile 1 4 5 Deathmatch pspos 31 31 31
Nazi SS 0 0 0 Cooperative 4 4 4

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