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Japan, people, culture, facts.

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In this space I'll put quite everything I'll find in the internet of some value to Japan devoted dudes!

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I do welcome Japanese people to send me pictures of their own country... any kinda picture, even everyday shots... believe it or not they'll be really interesting to foreigners.. so do not hesitate.. and send me your stuff.

I'd also like to receive ( and list here!) any kind of link about Japanese language tutorials, grammars, courses, cd-rom or video courses and anything it's on the web or in the real world useful to learn a bit of Japanese.

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How is the weather like today in Tokyo NOW ??

Show me the satellite images of Japan for today !

Japanese online lessons free !!

Bookmark this address if you want to study Japanese language in japan :

History of Japan... the Age Of Empires way !!!



JAPAN RINGCOOL !!! The Japan ring...
anything about Japan !

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Search for : "Japanese language tutorials" on the web !

JP NET Japanese Language and Culture NetworkThe JP NET seeks to build a clearinghouse for tools, services and information for Japanese Language and Culture educators and students world-wide.

Japanese Wordlist


Giappone mania: turismo - Results for Fuji, Mount
Japan, Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi: the free guide


InfoPage-Japan  - Japan is located off the east coast of the Asian continent and consists of approximately 7,000 islands. The map above shows the four largest islands: Kyushu in the south, Shikoku, Honshu, and Hokkaido in the north.

Lonely Planet Upgrades  - Lonely Planet - Upgrades

Location.html  - Yamanashi Prefecture located in the Chubu region of Japan is an inland prefecture rimmed by steep mountains on all sides. Surrounded by scenic beauty, to the south, Mt.

Tokyo, Japan  - TOKYO, JAPAN Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the world's largest cities. Besides being the political center of Japan, Tokyo is also the financial, cultural, and industrial center of Japan and a major international financial center.

JAPAN  - JAPAN IN PERSPECTIVE From the cone of sacred Mt. Fuji to myriad pine-covered little islands, from rugged wave-pounded coastlines to whispering bamboo forests; volcanoes, some active, most dormant; picturesque lakes and seas, each featuring pageant of scenic grandeur unfolding with the changes of season.

Japan National Holidays : ACTION JAPAN  - Action Japan, British Trade International. This site is dedicated to promoting trade between UK companies and Japan.


Tangram for Windows ! A traditional Japanese game. You have to rebuild with small triangles of wood (or bits for this electronic version!) a given shape. It seems easy and boring.. yet it can be really hard and mind challenging.

A caricature of me !For more news, views and the odd bit of gibberish, drop in on the soc.culture.japan and newsgroups.

Hanami - cherry blossom on your desktop.(140kb)Hanami !!!!
Download here a zip file containing Hanami.
In Japan, "Hanami" is "cherry blossom viewing": watching cherry blossoms 
fall down from the trees. With this program you enjoy cherry blossoms falling 
right on your computer desktop while you work.

Hanami - fiori di pesco giapponese nel tuo desktop !!.(140kb)Hanami !!!
o Preleva subito il file contenente Hanami.
In Giappone, Hanami significa "guardare i fiori di pesco" cascare dagli alberi.
Con questo programma potrai ammirare i fiori di pesco che cascano direttamente nel desktop del tuo computer, anche mentre fai altre cose !

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