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Filicudi !roz


The island of Filicudi !

The island of Filicudi (again!)!
That's a view from south looking northward !
FILICUDI in numbers !
Area: 9.5 sq km
Situation: 30 km W of Lipari
Highest elevation: 774 m
Age of volcanism:
Zucco Grande Formation: ca. 1.02 Ma
Filo del Banco Formation: 0.34 Ma
Monte Palmieri, Sciara, Guardia, Capo Graziano and Montagnola: 0.25-0.19 Ma
Valle la Fossa and La Canna: 40 ka
Notable morphologic features:
Monte Fossa Felci (774 m)
Monte Montagnola (349 m)
Monte Terrione (278 m)
Capo Graziano (174 m)
Monte Guardia (145 m)
"La Canna" (71 m)
Residents: about 250
Here's a panoramic view of the village of Pecorini, looking it in north to south direction  !
On the far left (EAST) there is the mountain of Capo Graziano.
You can even see the neolithic village upon that mountain.
From the center to the right you see Pecorini... 
note that from here, you can see the pier of Pecorini (I know that's a small image.... at least it took a few seconds to be loaded!).

In questa pagina troverai i link ai siti correlati a Filicudi o alle isole Eolie, alcune mie foto di Filicudi, tratte dal mio archivio personale (leggi : Copyright!!), !!!
Here you'll find links to interesting Filicudi realted stuff, and my own stuff about the island (my own pics of Filicudi).

If you want to search the web with Altavista for Filicudi Stuff, Click Here !
Click here to acces NETNET website, a good internet provider in LIPARI, hosting some WEBCAMS pointing at Lipari, Stromboli, Etna Vulcan.


Some Pics of Filicudi !
Ecco alcune foto di Filicudi, alcune mostrano Filicudi come e' oggi, altre come era una volta.
Nota bene : le foto sono jpg MOLTO compresse, per evitare attese interminabili durante l'accesso al sito, ovviamente le originale sono molto piu grandi e definite.... 8-)
Please Note : those pics are in JPG format, with a great compression factor, in order to avoid endless download times to this page. Obvioulsy my original pics are greater and high-defined !
This is the old pier in Pecorini Mare.Click the thumbnail to view the image !
Questo e' il vecchio molo di Pecorini Mare. Clicca sull'immagine per vedere la foto.
Clicca qui' per vedere la foto ingrandita !!!
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This page contains information about Filicudi, its people and culture.
The page is maintained by the Virtual Aeolean Society in an effort to re-establish a sense of community among Filicudesi people, world wide. (Eng)

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