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Filicudi Island, Italy.

The Island of Filicudi, its places, its people, its culture and traditions.
Picture of Filicudi Island in Sicily! great place for holydays and relaxing vacations! Monte Delle Felci (774mt) Monte delle Felci Punta Stimpagnato Montagnola Valle Di Chiesa Pecorini Pecorini Mare Mount Capo Graziano Capo Graziano beach Zucco Grande Stimpagnato Serro Canale
This is an interactive picture of Filicudi island. Click over the places inside this image to jump to the related page!
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Pecorini, Pecorini Mare, Porto, Valle di Chiesa, Capo graziano (mount, beach, neolithic village, grinding stones), Mount Fossa Felci, La Canna, Montenassari, Perciato, Stimpagnato, Zucco Grande, Giafante, Punticella, Wallpapers, the Sciara, the cave of the "bue marino", the flora of Filicudi, 3D stereoscopic pictures..., religion in filicudi.

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This map represents Italy. Sicily is in red.
The Aeolian Archipelago (Aeolian islands, or Lipari Islands) is circled.

Click on the map to open another window with a bigger map of the Aeolian archipelago, whose Filicudi is part of.
Map of Italy, Sicily, Aeolian islands and Filicudi
The island of Filicudi! Click over places in this map to see detailed informations about them and some pictures too! Map of Filicudi Island - detailed Scoglio la Canna Scoglio Giafante Zucco Grande Monte delle Felci Montagnola Il Perciato Pecorini Mare Spiaggia Capo Graziano Filicudi Punta Stimpagnato La Sciara Valle Di Chiesa Pecorini Alta Monte Di Capo Graziano Brigantini Villaggio di Siccagni Le Macine - The grinding Stones
Area: 9.5 sq km
Situation: 30 km West of Lipari (Lat = 38° 34, 514N; Lon = 014° 33, 615E)
Highest elevation: 774 m (mount "delle felci"  - Ferns Mount)
Age of volcanism:
Zucco Grande Formation: ca. 1.02 Ma
Filo del Banco Formation: 0.34 Ma
Monte Palmieri, Sciara, Guardia, Capo Graziano and Montagnola: 0.25-0.19 Ma
Valle la "Fossa delle felci"  and "La Canna": 40 ka
Notable morphologic features:
Monte Fossa Felci (774 m)
Monte Montagnola (349 m)
Monte Torrione (278 m)
Capo Graziano (174 m)
Monte Guardia (145 m)
"La Canna" (71 m)
Residents: about 250 (about 1200 in year 1920)
Main cultivations : Olive, grape, caper, almond, [others...]
Main activities : tourism, fishing, tourism (!)...

Caper Juice ! Without sugar ! (hey.. it's a joke)

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