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Arale chan and Dr.Slump san!
Arale and Dr. Slump!
Dr.Slump & Arale
Arale Smiling !

Latest news ...
I'm sorry for I've been extremely late in finishing  the Arale.hlp project.
It is still not complete, I'm really really sorry.
Please have some more patience... my brain is gonna be overburdened ( my only neuron is a bit tired! 8-)

Arale - The WinHelp File (discontinued project)

Many many years ago ( quite 10) , I started building an Hypertext Help file on Arale amp; Dr.Slump manga.
I decided to build it in WinHelp format, so it should be readable by 90% of PC installed in the world at that time ( windows 3.1 systems!), even by people without an internet connection !
At that time I did find a FAQ on Arale, written by Curtis Hoffmann,(hi Curtis ! How are you ? I hope soon or late our work is gonna be published!).
It was a text file, and I pondered it would be great to have images too... Day after day I built a "powered" version of the original guide to the manga of Akira Toriyama, and now... I'm ready to show you some preview !
Note : the main motivation to do that was because Arale was not really known in italy, except for some minor TV stations that did air some episodes some years before. Actually arale is a mainstream known manga character, widepreadly known by everybody.The printed version of the manga has been published in italy even in glossy colors, the TV series has been aired too.
So the goal of building my guide (to let the manga be known) did reduce its relevance... and my efforts in building it faded away.
I really don't know if I'll release it in the future.
If someone wishes to continue the project... I'll give him everything I've made up to date. So you know.. you can write to

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